Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adaptive Yoga Training

I just spent an enlightening weekend at Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training at Matthew Sanford's Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka.

Matt was a wise and patient teacher to the 30 people who attended the training from many corners of the country. The adaptive yoga students we met were generous and gracious in their willingness to be attended to by multiple newbie adaptive teachers (usually several at once). The main message here was "we want you to take this out into the world" and everyone at MBS made us feel welcome, capable and knowledgeable, even when we were questioning our ability to teach yoga at all, much less to a population with limited mobility.

I subbed a beginner Hatha class at the Yoga Center on Monday night, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Matthew Sanford for bringing me back to the basics of yoga and giving me the tools to teach the class I wanted to teach. I used many of the adjustments we learned over the weekend, and was able to better verbalize the effect the poses were intended to create.

Thank you to Matt, Sue, and all of the MBS teachers AND students who shared their time, knowledge, patience and compassion.


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