Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adventures In Mala Land

I've had great fun buying beads and creating dozens of unique malas this winter. Even though skiing has been my priority, there are always recovery days, or just times when it's too darn cold to drag myself out to the ski trail. That's when I set up my station on the coffee table, pop open my laptop for some visual inspiration, and tune Songza to a dreamy, wintry mix. I've expanded the skull line, since that seems to be pretty popular. I don't know if people really love Kali or just love skulls, but I'm here to respond to the desire for memento mori meditation tools. Also new to the shop are pendulums and pendulum/bracelets. Who doesn't sometimes want an oracle on the go?

This late winter season was supposed to be filled with more yoga training, but since the class was cancelled, I am going to have to find alternatives to keep me inspired. Next week I will be taking Stephanie's Aerial Yoga workshop at Hiawatha Yoga. It should make me aware of some new muscles and definitely train my brain to see things from another perspective.

My word this year is "evolution" and lately, I've been pondering how I can continue to evolve and keep my world from stagnating. Change is inevitable, so we may as well embrace it and choose the direction we want to go. I look forward to grabbing some new opportunities this year, and busting through some fears along the way.

Happy Winter!

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