Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retreat Dreams

When I envision my dream of a yoga retreat center in the woods, with a garden, orchard, pond, renewable energy, local talent and wonderfully inspiring people, I love to imagine a group of tiny cabins like those at the Christine Center. Since my yoga retreat will have to be self-sustaining and will not have the support of a formal religious community, I will have to be creative in getting things built on the cheap. The buildings in this article caught my eye right away for their frugality as well as their folk art aesthetic.
Some cordwood home builders incorporate rocks or glass into the walls. The use of glass bottles allows light through and looks beautiful from inside. I think it would be cool to arrange the glass bottles in the shapes of constellations.

These little round homes with the grass roofs look like they would be the perfect size for retreat cabins.

And as someone who has always been enamored of both stone homes and log cabins, this type of building could assuage the desire for both!

Keep dreaming your own dreams, and as you do, ask yourself, as I did the other day about mine... "am I dreaming big enough?"


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