Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letting Go and Getting Bigger

It's not possible to keep manifesting and manifesting without creating space for things to come into your life. So in that spirit, I am letting go of something this month.
I remember how excited I was in Oct. 2010, to receive an email from the Yoga Center telling me that they wanted to offer me a job teaching vinyasa classes twice a week at their St. Louis Park studio. I was bouncing off the walls excited. This was my dream yoga gig and I had actually taken all the steps to make it come true! For awhile I taught three classes a week at the yoga center. I wanted to teach as much as possible to gain experience so that I could really be good at this. Then I got a couple other yoga jobs and was up to teaching 6 classes a week. It was becoming a bit much. I felt like I was sacrificing quality for quantity. I wanted to teach better classes, and I wanted to be more present for each one. So as of the end of March, I am giving up my last class at the Yoga Center. It's bittersweet, because I really love the people there and the studios are beautiful and most of all, I really really appreciate everything I have learned and gained from teaching in such an amazing place. I still hope to teach workshops there, in fact, I am in the middle of one right now and have two more coming up this spring, and I will probably show up to sub classes once in awhile.

But letting go feels really good right now. There is something special about being able to realize the moment when the time for one thing has ended and something new is coming in to takes its place.

Speaking of the Yoga Center, check out their latest magazine when it comes out next month. I wrote an article about their new prenatal yoga teacher training. It sounds like it's going to be wonderful.

And by the way, if you know of anyone looking to sell a cabin in the woods for under 150,000, please keep me in mind.


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