Sunday, January 8, 2012

Classes Abound!

This is an exciting time of year to be a yogi(ni) in the twin cities. I just attended an art and yoga class where six of us created collaged and painted posters with images representing the 5 yamas. The class was held in Theresa Hutchison's attic/studio, which she generously supplied for our use, along with all manner of art supplies. It was an artistic free for all, with a soothing soundtrack and lots of yoga talk as a backdrop. What fun to gather with other yoga teachers for a creative afternoon of play!

Coming up soon is a class which I'm looking forward to like crazy. Erin Busby, massage therapist, and reiki master, is going to teach a Shiva Nata class at Hiawatha Yoga on Jan. 31st. This looks like insane fun. Check out the description to see for yourself, and then come join us at Hiawatha Yoga, the friendliest little studio in Minneapolis.

Finally, this month, next week, in fact, I'm going to attend another 5 day Para Yoga training with Rod Stryker, right here in Mpls. at the YCM. This intense week of immersion into all things Tantric is a nice break from regular day to day life. I hope to leave the training inspired to share the goodness with my yoga classes.

I hope this finds you happily enjoying the new year and taking advantage of whatever snow or ice you may have. Winter, like everything, is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can!


photo credit: Theresa Hutchison

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