Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This weekend's annual yoga retreat was greeted by celestial showers of meteors. I believe it was the tail end of the Taurids, or perhaps the start of the Leonids, or maybe a bit of both, as the meteors seemed to be streaking across both the Southern and Eastern sky. In any case, the new moon assisted with great viewing from the fire pit of the Christine Center. With a circle of friends around the fire, each meteor was greeted with an "ooh!" from one side of the circle and an "aww!" from the other side as those who had their backs to it realized what they missed. But everyone was treated to a low big dipper hanging over the Center and Orion hiking up from the horizon as if to take a walk across the Milky Way. I am so grateful for places where we can still view the mostly unobscured night sky. I thank the Christine Center for creating minimal light and sound pollution and allowing nature to take center stage.

I chose this photo from a collection on my computer, and it seemed a perfect complement to the weekend's star show.

I created this circular collage earlier this year. When I'm not sure what step to take next in a project, I will hover my hand over this disc, holding my pendulum, and let my inner guide tell me what I should do. I love having this choice of verbs, reminding me that in order to get where want to go, we must take some sort of action. The Sanskrit word, karma, means action. Perhaps I should call this my Karma Chakra (action wheel). I imagine us all in the center of this disc, hurtling through space, but always leaning toward one action or another. What does today call for? Do you choose for yourself, or let outside forces guide you?

I've been thinking of this Rumi poem this week:

Keep walking, though there's no place to get to.

Don't try to see through the distances.
That's not for human beings. Move within,
but don't move the way fear makes you move.

It's a good reminder in times like these, which I'm sure is not that all that different from the time of Rumi, or any other time.

Don't move the way fear makes you move.


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