Sunday, July 14, 2013

Durga Mantra

Continuing my study of mantra, I've been using this one lately:
Om Dum Durgayay Namaha

Durga is the divine mother and protector.

I find that when I do the Durga mantra, I feel more grounded and compassionate. Interesting to notice what qualities come out during mantra practice invoking different divine feminine deities.

During meditation using the Durga mantra, I was given the following exercise:
Inhale as though through the crown, exhale as though through roots growing down into the Earth.

I found this to be a very useful tool in getting myself back down to earth, as I tend to live "in my head" most of the time.

Thanks, Durga!


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  1. Just one suggestion--chant om hrim klim dum durgayay namaha-which is still better-very auspicious and the best protection one can ask for.Best luck.I am not a member of this blog but came across this page.