Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wonders of Aromatherapy

The Hiawatha Yoga open house on Saturday was a lovely gathering of new students, new teachers and existing teachers at the studio. My gracious friend and fellow yoga teacher, Angela Coffee, gave us a luxurious sampling of essential oils and provided us with some easy and practical uses for some of the wide range of oils available from Young Living, the company she represents.

Angela led us through a calming pranayama exercise with Frankincense oil, which is good for the respiratory system, and then guided us to choose an oil to cultivate a certain response, and instructed us with reflexology charts, to give ourselves a soothing foot massage.

I am looking forward to Angela sharing some of her aromatherapy with us a the Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat, where she may have some oils available for sale.

Next Hiawatha Yoga open house is the first weekend in November. Details on their website:

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