Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Yoga New Year!

This year is going to overflow with uplifting goodness!

Starting with the first week of January, I will be teaching an uplifting vinyasa 2 (medium vigorous) class Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. at the Yoga Center of Mpls. at the St. Louis Park studio. I hope you'll come to a class or two, and help me to hold my own in a time slot shared by two of the most popular yoga teachers at the yoga center! I hope to ride and contribute to the love radiating from the other two studios as I teach these new classes :)
You can still catch my vinyasa 3 classes, also at SLP at 5:30 on Fridays and 4:00 on Sundays.

I'm thrilled to experience a 5-day ParaYoga training with Rod Stryker next week. I'm hoping to come away with lots of great new additions to my yoga instructor toolbox, which I will share with my upcoming classes.

In addition to all the yoga loveliness, my dear friend Natasha, who is a Reiki Master, is going to be visiting the twin cities in mid-March to teach a Reiki I and II workshop over one weekend. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

By spring, I hope to get a confirmed date for this year's Christine Center Yoga Retreat. I will try for Halloween weekend again, as that seemed to be a good time to retreat, after the busy summer plans and before the holiday craziness.

I hope you are as excited as I am to see what 2011 brings and to manifest all kinds of great things this year. Make sure to take plenty of time for yourself and do whatever recharges you, so that you can in turn uplift others.

Happy New Year!
Kate :)

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